Ph4.0mm indoor LED screen

Visuallumen Ph4.0mm indoor full color LED screen with high quality, super amazing effect, the video effect much better than many P3 screens in the market.

Could be used as rental stage  screen  and fixed indoor advertising application

Our P4-4 layers PCB screens are the exclusive ones in the market

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For modules, we have two sizes:

  1. 128 * 128mm, with 4 layers PCB, the only one P4 with 4 layers PCB and small size in the market, which bring super perfect effect, mainly used for high quality application.
  2.  256*128mm, with 2 layers PCB, similar as the market high quality products, all with 1.6mm PCB,high quality  plastic etc,

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for cabinet,meet the cabinet size: 480*480, 512*512,640*640,768*768,1024*768mm, both die-casting cabinet & aluminium profile cabinets for rental  and mild steel cabinet for fixed advertising

Service, front service and back side service are all available, but we should confirm the service before order, as for front service we need put steel board and magnets

Visuallumen, you right choice

VISUALLUMEN Indoor LED displays bring high resolution images to indoor applications where image quality matters; ranging from museums and other visitor attractions, broadcasting and control rooms, to retail and advertising. By providing stunning image quality with precise colors, they create exceptional visual experiences that stay constant over time. What’s more, they allow you to increase your displays’ uptime thanks to their smart features and high reliability. And guess what? All of this comes at a minimal total cost of ownership.

Superior image quality, today and tomorrow

Day or night, image quality needs to be excellent all the time. Image quality is perfect in both dimmed and high-brightness mode and it stays constant over time,guarantees accurate colors at all times. And no image tearing or video hiccups occur as video is smoothly synchronized.

Peace of mind

You can remotely and proactively manage your panel through the cloud-based software. It allows you to smartly create and manage various user profiles. To prevent failure and downtime, you’re notified of imminent issues you can immediately act upon. Its redundant data path guarantees an uninterrupted image all the time, even when the data path is interrupted. When swapping modules, you don’t need to recalibrate your displays either.

Easy installation and maintenance

The panel can be hung on a beam that’s connected to a ceiling, mounted onto a wall, stacked on a beam that’s placed on the floor or curved. The Visuallumen proprietary mechanics ensure quick and stable installation and swapping of modules. For easy servicing, this display can be accessed both from the front and back. And if you want to upgrade to higher resolution tiles later, you can reuse the same mechanics.