Double sides screen

Visual Lumen’s total sports perimeter LED display solution
Visual Lumen’s LED solution specially build for sports perimeter applications and optimised for broadcast.
Broadcast-optimized for maximum return
Featuring improved hardware developed specifically for reaching multiple audiences, Visual Lumen’s all-new Ph20mm delivers superior visual performance at minimal costs for maximum ROI.Unique, angled LED configuration works in tandem with tilted foot system for multiple setup scenarios, striking a perfect balance between live audiences and broadcast cameras.
Rugged mechanical design provides 100,000 hours of use in all indoor/outdoor fixed or mobile set-ups.
Improved brightness, contrast and color produce sharper text and clearer images.
Soft, replaceable, impact-resistant shaders protect LEDs from harm and will not injure players in the event of a collision.
Efficient components last longer, produce less heat and require no HVAC, significantly reducing replacement and power consumption costs.
Zdec software produces ample refresh rates of 9600 Hz (60fps), delivering flicker-free content across all platforms.
With a decade of experience in LED sports displays, specialized broadcast solutions, Visual Lumen stands well-positioned to deliver your digital sports perimeter solution.



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