LED Module Malfunction and Solution

1. Phenomenon: the whole display is flickering.

  • Problem: signal poor connection.
  • Solution: re-fix or re-connect signal cable.

2. Phenomenon: dusky LED

  • Problem: The voltage of switching power supply is inconsistent with LED voltage tag.
  • Solution: make sure the voltage of switching power supply is consistent with LED. voltage tag.

3. Phenomenon: partial LEDs do not work.

  • Contact direction correct or not.
  • Power output wiring correct or not.
  • Power wire anti-inserted or connected inversely.


  • Re-connect in a correct way.
  • Ensure the red wire connect the positive pole,black wire connect the negative pole.
  • Check partial the wrong connection , re-connect.

4. Phenomenon: all LEDs do not work

  • No output of the switching power supply.
  • Wrong power connection.


  • Connect the power switch input and test.
  • Check the positive and negative pole of the power supply whether it is right or not.