How to control the large or super large LED screen

At first, we must know some points:

  • One sending card max support 1,310,720 dots. Each output max support 655,360 dots.
  • Max WIDTH 2048, or MAX HEIGHT 1200.
  • Nomal input resolution: 1280×1024、1024×1200、1600×848、1920×712、2048×640.
  • When the LED screen resolution is under 655,000, one outport is enough. (Sending card has two outputs, U and D. Default U. Refer the attachment.)
  • When between 655,000 and 1,310,720, you can horizontal or vertical divide it to two parts, two network cables control them.
  • Such as one stage Ph3mm LED video wall size:3.3m * 2.7m. Resolution: W1152*H960, each cabinet 576*576mm(192*192 dots), total 6*5=30 cabinets. How can we control the screen?
  • We can divide it to two parts W1152*H576 and W1152*H384. And use U & D ports (1 & 2)

Attached one picture how to setup the screen connection:


  • The first cabinet is at bottom light. And notice the order, U & D port first receiving card number both are 1st.
  • Talk to us for bigger LED screen setup.