Characteristic of high power LED products

With the continuous development of LED technology.  The white LED Lighting industry have started green lighting era. Low thermal energy, high luminous efficiency,LED is a kind of energy saving, environmental protection, economy, safety of new lighting devices. Accelerating technology research and improve the efficiency in primary problem. High power LED lighting industry  become to the subject. One safe and efficient driver research is the key of high power LED application.

  • High power LED work characteristics

LED is a new kind of semiconductor solid cold light, it is a kind of energy can be transformed into visible photoelectric device. Generally speaking, the power of the high power LED for 1 W at least, more common as 1W, 3w, 5w, 8w and 10W are Called the "green light".It was LED current (300 mA ~ 1.4 A), high efficiency (60 ~ 120 lm/W), brightness adjustable direction.

    • The volt-ampere characteristics

    High power LED is low voltage, large current driving devices. When LED voltage change very hour, current changes greatly.

      • Optical properties

      According to the principle of light, the luminous intensity of LED have the basic change with LED current .The essense of controling output flux is to control power LED luminous intensity.

        • Temperature

        The size of the LED positive current also changes with the temperature. Once environmental temperaturemore is heigher than one value , the allows current of white LED would greatly reduce positive. It's easy to case the white LED aging if we still exert great current.