Advertising LED Display

1.Visuallumen media advertising LED display description
Now, in the city streets, everywhere on the LED display and LED subtitles broadcast, show media advertising news in video content. Advertising LED display is as a kind of new media promote technique become advertising media industry of a new power. Advertising media business also gradually understand and approved the LED display the new advertising publicize technique, it can complete news information product cross-media, convey the pattern, to digital s readers more diverse information experience. In the advertising media business face and LED display itself advantages coexist, LED display media advertising in advertising media industry has been more and more important. Advertising high-definition led display, high brightness, color bright, bright subject, novel design, with vivid, simple and lively, can complete by synching up broadcast etc. Advertising image is outstanding, easy to attract the attention of the pedestrian, and easy to remember. In addition, the LED display advertising is inadvertently give audience to visual stimulation, And LED display advertising general release period is longer, for regional performance cause impression accumulative effect. the 60 seconds of the Chinese national image film "China's national image film - character article" in New York's times square play prompted many media attention, achieve huge promotion effect.


2. Visuallumen media advertising LED display function advantage

  • In single or multiple business center, stream of large area, to build outdoor full color LED display, covering the whole city of even the national outdoor baimiao network.
  • Big screen, strong visual impact, ultra clear drawings, the huge shock force. Is a significant powerful advertising charm! For the brand image of the mold and spread. Many LED display is the local landmarks, its itself is a very good advertising.
  • Busy streets, community, etc, to build hd small and medium-sized full color LED display screen or information screen, composed of a media delivery network, its propagation effect more shock, more mandatory.
  • Small screen, dissemination of seepage force strong, network of coverage, direct consumption terminal, low investment the desired result quickly, the propaganda effect is good.
  • Homemade program, instant broadcast, rich in content, Not only have advertising, there are programs, including project, column, variety, animation, radio, TV, programs clearance spots.

3.Visuallumen media advertising LED display characteristics

  • Visuallumen product has a low power solutions, can make screen operation save 1/3 than the original one, further greatly reduced your operation cost.
  • With high refresh rate and high gray level, make the LED display screen more lifelike, meet the commercial high visual quality requirements.
  • With brightness, color point by point correction function, make the LED display picture more rich, meet the commercial high visual quality requirements.
  • Advertising content can change at any time, for different customers different display advertising.
  • With double line heat backup function, two computers control a screen, when a computer problems, another computer automatic to succeed, ensure the normal work of the display screen.
  • Adopt effective optical fiber transmission system, effectively reduce the transmission distance is farther and cause signal delay phenomenon, ensure the picture play consistency.
  • All of the display information all can use the remote network control, click operation can be easily replace picture information, as to realize the urban and regional advertising display network cluster.
  • Support network control function, can control several city display in a local, can change the content at any time ;
  • Fit we equipped with multi-function card, can realize with software timing or manual switch at any time, to realize the unattended function.
  • Screen body equipped with environmental monitoring system, let you know the display at any time and place of the operation.
  • Visuallumen ( not only provides mounting bracket, but also provide a full range of LED display system, including: control system, power supply (plug), software, accessories, installation structure drawings and other services.
  • Cabinet design standardization, so that the same size can be used in different pixel display requirements, make LED advertising screen install more convenient.
  • Cabinet thinner, lighter, saving the transportation cost.
  • Waterproof effect is good, have IP65 protection level, suitable for use in the outdoor environment.
  • LED display built-in lightning protection device, prevent screen have been struck by lightning and burned.
  • LED video control system with double backup system, once the malfunction, customers can instantly switch to backup system.
  • Company also provide related maintenance spare parts, all the spare parts are modular design, easy to after-sales maintenance.
  • According to customer requirements and field environment, customize the most appropriate LED display solutions. Visuallumen ( not only provides mounting bracket, but also provide a full range of LED display system, including: control system, power supply (plug), software, accessories, installation structure drawings and other services.

4. Visuallumen media advertising LED display solutions


5. Visuallumen media advertising LED display application place

  • Widely used in shopping mall shopping center, square park, landmark buildings, railway stations, wharves, airports, subway, commercial district, financial places, securities market and other public places.

6.Visuallumen media advertising LED display case

  • Building LED advertising display: architecture itself perfect union, to the original design icing on the cake; A wider perspective, spread a broader audience more.
  • Car LED advertising display: advertising communication do not receive place limit, mobile communication, a wider audience, to a designated place to do advertisement publicity, the mode of transmission is novel, establish a good image of the main transmission
  • Light box LED advertising display: dynamic advertising, visual impact, farsightedness is strong, content widely.
  • Column LED advertising display: landmarks, science and technology element obvious, the modern breath is very, perspective is wide, spreading effect is good.