What is dynamic display, what is static state display

Static screen is corresponding to the scan screen, static screen is the LED display in the display text, images, video, LED lights on display is lighted at the same time; it is not like the scan screen to use the person eye's temporary characteristics,Scan screen instead of using the human eye as the visual characteristics of temporary stay, to light each line of Led screen separately. As we all know, led display is drove by room ratio, the brightness is related to the light time. So, if the same brightness of Led, the brightness of static screen is more than scan screen. Therefore, a static screen is used for high-brightness and outdoor display, and scan screen commonly use for scanning screen which do not need the high brightness to save the driver cost.

However, with the LED materials technology is developed continuously, brightness of LED is improved continuously. In order to save the cost, outdoor display also use scan driver. Of course, the high request for the control and driver when use scan driver for outdoor led display, also request the very high performance chips