What factors determine the full color LED display advantages

A full color LED display is good or bad can be identified from the following aspects:
First : Flatness

  • LED display screen surface flatness to within ± 1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted, partial raised or recessed will lead to the display viewing angle of dead ends. The quality of flatness is determined mainly by the production process.

Second : Brightness and viewing angle

  • Indoor full color display brightness in 800cd/m2 above, outdoor full color display brightness to 1500cd/m2 above in order to ensure the normal work of the screen, otherwise it will not see the displayed image brightness is too low. Size of the brightness of the LED die is good or bad decision.
  • Directly determine the size of the viewing angle display the number of audience, and therefore the bigger the better. The size of the viewing angle is mainly determined by the die package.

Third : White balance effect

  • The white balance effect is one of the most important indicator in the display. School taken in the proportion of red, green and blue colors will show 1:4.6:0.16 pure white, if the actual proportion of the deviation of the white balance of a little deviation occurs, and generally pay attention to whether the white bluish, partial yellow-green phenomenon. The white balance is good or bad by the display control system, the die also have an impact on the reduction of color.

Fourth : Reduction of color

  • The reduction of color refers to the display of color reduction, which indicates not only the screen display color to be highly consistent with the color of the source, so as to ensure realism of the image.

Fifth : Whether the phenomenon Mosaic dead spots

  • Mosaic is to point to to appear on screen ChangLiang or often black small four square, already module necrosis phenomenon, the main reason for the screen to answer the plug-in quality not pass.
  • The dead appear on the LED display lit or normally black single point, how much of the dead die is good or bad.