Visuallumen Rental LED screen

1. Rental LED Display Description
Visuallumen die casting aluminum and brushed aluminum LED cabinet,which is for meeting the requirement of stage performance, it is not just a simple upgrade of traditional die-cast aluminum enclosure, Visuallumen conducted a comprehensive optimization updates on structure and display property, . These LED rental displays are produced according to the patented die-cast aluminum production ways which is more compact,, higher precision connection, easier on dismantling and maintenance.


2. Advantages of Rental LED Display
Visuallumen Rental LED Display function advantageVisuallumen LED rental display (die casting aluminum and brushed aluminum),which is lighter on weight.thinner on thick, and very easy to install,dismantle and transport,which provide the possibility of large area of application.Visuallumen LED rental screen use the synchronization control system, DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV and other video input signal are available.
The advantage of our LED rental display is as below:

  • Ultra light weight: only 8kg,portable for single, easy to install and dismantle.
  • Ultra-thin: With die casting aluminum and brushed aluminum cabinet,the thickness is 80mm 3.
  • Precise processed: Within 0.1mm gap for each cabinets size .
  • Compatible: New cabinet structure design,Visuallumen LED rental display can be hung installation and overlay.installation,both for indoor and outdoor,we can\provide you P4,P5,P6,P6.67,P7.62,P8 P10 for indoor and P10 for outdoor rental LED display with this LED cabinet.
  • Fast: connected with quick locker between the cabinets,it just took you 10 seconds to complete the installation of a cabinet.
  • Reliable - High strength, good heat dissipation effect.
  • Saving - Light weight cabinet, it would take less human;Low power consumption,it would save your operation costs.

3.Visuallumen Rental LED Display characteristics

  • Light weight,ultra-thin and fast installed design,you can install and dismantle Visuallumen LED rental display in a short time.
  • Different signal transmission direction can provide you different array,which would have different size of LED screen.
  • With the professional video processor,we can have the AV,DP,VGA,DVI,YOBPR,HDMI,
    SDI etc.input signal.
  • 256 degree brightness and custom white balance adjustment,we can make the different let of LED screen looks the same.
  • Signal processor: RTF series production have the single folding technology,the LED module did not cascade connection,it would help the display property.
  • Mask: With the patent technology,Visuallumen LED module mask was assembled with the rear buckle, it is convenient for the LED lamp front access and maintenance, no fastening screws was seen in the front of the screen,it ensure good integrity of the surface of the screen,after the LED video wall is lighted on, no light can penetrate through.
  • Module:Large size of LED module,there are just 4 pcs for each cabinet,it ensure the stability of the screen by reducing the inner cable.As the front access,you can maintain the screen without open the cabinet door.
  • Rear cover: Remove the 4 screws,and take off the rear cover,you can replace and maintain the power supplier and receiving card.
  • Heat radiation board: Visuallumen replace the traditional plastic plate with the aluminum one,it not only keep the LED module flatter,but also have the good property of heat radiation.
  • IC and drive mode: High refreshment,high gray, With the high quality of professional static drive IC,Visuallumen LED rental display can reach 960Hz at least,even more 4800Hz with a single receiving card. The gray leave can reach up to 16bits,it can meet the requirement of performance and live broadcast.DC power supplier cable apply to the American standard, the power input is SMD Plug seat,it can ensure the stability of the voltage and save the energy of the cable transmission.
  • Compatible: New cabinet structure design,Visuallumen LED rental display can be hung installation and installation,both for indoor and outdoor,we can\provide you P4,P5,P6.67,P10 for indoor and P10 for outdoor rental LED display with this LED cabinet.
  • Higher gray: 14bits and higher refresh rate: 960 at least.
  • Low heat and without cooling fan,no noise,low power consumption,lighter on weight and less on human ,saved the cost for you.
  • Visuallumen LED rental display can be used for outdoor with IP65 protection.
  • Visuallumen rental LED screen was packed with flight case,it would protect rental LED display during the storage and transport.
  • Visuallumen provide you the suitable LED rental display solution according to the installed place and customer’ requirement.
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5.Visuallumen Rental LED Display application

  • Widely used in plaza, shopping center, industry and commerce square, bank,exhibition,promotional activity , finance, securities, stations, airports , supermarkets, recreation and so on.

6. Visuallumen Rental LED Display cases