Stadium LED Display

1. Visuallumen stadium LED display Description
Visuallumen stadium LED display,which is designed according to the requirement of sports match,it can broadcast the commercial advertising of sponsor,great moments,slow action playback,close-up shot would help the audience enjoy the match no matter where the audience sit.
Visuallumen can provide the high quality sports LED display,with the video processor,Visuallumen Stadium LED screen can display the record video,time,text,chart,cartoon,and score board system, and it can display in a series of the windows at the time.Visuallumen LED stadium display not only improve the brand of the sponsor,but also ensure the audiencia have a viewing banquet.


2. Visuallumen Stadium LED Display Function

  • Visuallumen stadium LED screen can broadcast the advertising during the rest time,more attractive for the audience in the sports.
  • It can show the information fo the palyer and live game no matter where the audience is.
  • It would connect with the referee system,score board system,the audience can know the time and score clearly.
  • The playback of the match would help the referee make the penalty,it ensure the fair of the mateh.
  • It bring the audience a viewing enjoyment by the playback,close-up shot.

3. Visuallumen Stadium LED Display Characteristic

  • Visuallumen stadium LED display have the brightness sense control system,it can be adjustment according to the brightness of environment,it can save the cost of the operation,and make audience more comfortable with the suitable brightness.
  • Visuallumen stadium LED display is the energy saving solution,it can help you save 1/3 power on average.
  • With a high refresh rate and high gray,Visuallumen sport LED display screen can meet high visual quality requirements.
  • Brightness and color dot by dot correction function.
  • With the fiber transmission system ensure the consistent between the PC and the LED video wall.
  • Dual network functions, Visuallumen can use two computers to control a screen at the same time, when a computer problem, another computer automatically takes over to ensure that the display work properly.
  • IP65 waterproof protection: dust-proof, waterproof, anti-vibration, without fear of harsh rain weather,Visuallumen stadium LED display can be assured to use in outdoor environments.
  • LED video control system with dual backup system in the event failure, customers can immediately switch to the backup system.
  • With the stadium playback software, it is allowed to play back the program, broadcast advertising and edit program table.
  • The refresh rate can reach up to 4800Hz,it can meet the requirement dynamical video in the sports dynamic and effectively avoid the video flickering.

4. Visuallumen Stadium LED Display Solution

accessories screen_stadium

5. Visuallumen Stadium LED Display Application

  • Widely used in football LED display, LED basketball gymnasium has been equipped with fence screen, swimming center LED display, LED screen playing field fence.

6. Visuallumen Stadium LED Display CasesVisuallumen stadium LED display case