LED traffic LED display solutions

1. Visuallumen traffic LED display description

  • Traffic LED display used to play the role of induced traffic LED display, it is generally applied to highway. It is made of LED display screen body, drive system, control system, communication equipment, power system and door frame, housing, etc, the screen contains graphics inducing sign, a common road signs and variable message sign of combining multi-function information display. Traffic LED display to show the whole route road profile graphics mode to supply the road traffic situation, the role of signpost.
  • In the static graphics sections identification area Mosaic LED variable band, through the different color LED light, the image identification these sections in a clear (green) and plugging (red) or crowded (orange) state of real-time traffic for driver judgment and selecting the appropriate route, plays the role of induced traffic, Traffic induced screen display image intuitive, information, visual recognition time relatively short, for not familiar with the traffic driver direction and other significant advantages, suitable for urban road and highway main trunk road network crowded areas.


2. Visuallumen traffic LED display functions signpost role

  • According to and transportation information release system linkage induced the bayonet monitoring system provided by the monitoring data, release its jurisdiction within the scope of the vehicle information such as speeding violation.
  • Highway variable information board, for driving researchers suggest that the present road traffic information, such as front construction, traffic accident place, strong winds, heavy fog and warning signs.
  • It can display simple graphics, speed limit value, etc., so that driving personnel can better grasp the current traffic situation.
  • As urban road instructions, to avoid the roads are not ripe and go wrong, traffic jams, reduce the number of traffic accidents .
  • Using real-time dynamic traffic assignment and traffic flow predictive theory, and LED traffic signs for people to provide the optimal route to the destination.
  • Release some human friendly prompt information, such as: careful driving, pay attention to safety, please don't fatigue driving, warmly welcome leaders came to inspect the instruction work, to celebrate National Day, etc.

3. Visuallumen traffic LED display characteristics

  • Visuallumen business LED advertising screen has Photosensitive control system, according to the outdoor environment brightness change automatically adjust the display brightness, energy conservation and environmental protection, greatly reducing your operation cost; And can make the audiences are more likely to accept.
  • Visuallumen product has a low power solutions, can make screen operation save 1/3 than the original one, further greatly reduced your operation cost.
  • With high refresh rate and high gray level, make the LED display screen more lifelike, meet the commercial high visual quality requirements.
  • With brightness, color point by point correction function, make the LED display picture more rich, meet the commercial high visual quality requirements.
  • Advertising content can change at any time, for different customers different display advertising.
  • With double line heat backup function, two computers control a screen, when a computer problems, another computer automatic to succeed, ensure the normal work of the display screen,
  • Adopt effective optical fiber transmission system, effectively reduce the transmission distance is farther and cause signal delay phenomenon, ensure the picture play consistency.
  • All of the display information all can use the remote network control, click operation can be easily replace picture information, as to realize the urban and regional advertising display network cluster.
  • Support network control function, can control several city display in a local, can change the content at any time.
  • Fit we equipped with multi-function card, can realize with software timing or manual switch at any time, to realize the unattended function.
  • Screen body equipped with environmental monitoring system, let you know the display at any time and place of the operation.
  • Visuallumen (www.Visuallumen.com) not only provides mounting bracket, but also provide a full range of LED display system, including: control system, power supply (plug), software, accessories, installation structure drawings and other services.
  • Cabinet design standardization, so that the same size can be used in different pixel display requirements, make LED advertising screen install more convenient.
  • Cabinet thinner, lighter, saving the transportation cost.
  • Waterproof effect is good, have IP65 protection level, suitable for use in the outdoor environment.
  • LED display built-in lightning protection device, prevent screen have been struck by lightning and burned.
  • LED video control system with double backup system, once the malfunction, customers can instantly switch to backup system.
  • Company also provide related maintenance spare parts, all the spare parts are modular design, easy to after-sales maintenance.
  • According to customer requirements and field environment, customize the most appropriate LED display solutions.

4. Visuallumen traffic LED display solutions


5. Visuallumen traffic LED display application place

  • Widely used in highway, city road, highway main trunk road network crowded areas, urban road, streets, airports, docks, stations, traffic places.

6.Visuallumen traffic LED display case