LED display driver chip problems

1. Power consumption and heat issues
As the output current is large, LED display chip power consumption and heat has been the development of obstruction of driver IC of the first factor. May arise in the future,handheld LED display drive way, this problem will become particularly prominent. With the LED device manufacturing technology advances and the drive current decreases, the problem will gradually be resolved.

2. The application of cost
A steady-state current mainstream 16-bit LED display driver chip can drive 16 LED devices. A resolution of 1024 脳 768 LED display driver must use multiple chips toachieve the desired results, thus making the material cost is relatively high. If the driver chip itself using scanning mode, then a mainstream chip can drive a multi-channel LEDdriver devices, will reduce the cost of many of the applications.
Several LED driver chip from the manufacturer's product structure, the currentmainstream chip is divided into three grades. First grade is a gray-scale mechanismsof chips, these chips have an internal PWM function, the input data are generatedaccording to Gray, the formation of more deep gray, high-quality display screen. The second grade is a output open detection (LOD), over-temperature protection (TSD),brightness adjustment function of the chip, these chips thanks to additional featuresmore applicable to specific situations, such as variable information for the board, the chip requires can detect the fault LED. The third file without any additional featuresconstant current source chips, such chips to provide only current source for LED, displayscreen body to ensure good quality.