How to remotely control LED screen

How to control the LED screen from far away office.
Generally, the advertising LED screen is far away from office. It could be controlled by below methods:

  1. Asynchronous 3G/4G control card. The 3G/4G control card gathers sending card and receiving card functions.
  2. The control card is installed in the LED sign with one SIM 3G/4G card for network.
  3. The owner can control the LED sign from anywhere by network browser.

control_the_LED_screen control_the_LED_screen1

4. Optical cable extension. The fiber extension is used for synchronous control system for large LED screen better vision effect.
5. Need fiber sender and receiver. The single model fiber can support 10-20km distance. Multimode fiber supports 500m.

control_the_LED_screen2 control_the_LED_screen3

6. Remotely control. Keep one server that connect internet in the LED sign. Control this server by Teamviewer or other software.
7. But there is one risk. The server may be always stolen by someone.
8. Keep one icloud media player in the LED sign. The icould media player connect internet by 3G/4G or LAN cable.


9. Suggestions, as the asynchronous control system is lower refresh and gray. Not good as synchronous control system, so:

  • Small LED sign, use asynchronous 3G/4G control card.
  • Large LED sign, use synchronous control system with fiber extension, server or media player.